In Christ

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Jesus said to his followers: 15 If you love me, you will obey my commands to love others. 16 I will ask the Father and he will give you another Helper, the Spirit, who will always stay with you. 17 The Helper is God's Spirit of truth, whom the people only concerned about this world cannot accept because they do not see him or know him. You know the Helper because he stays near you and is in you. 18 I will not leave you alone, for I will come to you again. 19 In a while, the people only concerned about this world won't see me anymore. But, because I live, you will see me and you will live. 20 On that last day, you will know I am in my Father, I am in you, and you are in me.

21 Everyone who obeys the commands of love I give loves me. My Father will love everyone who loves me. I will love them, too. And I will show them who I really am. Jn 14:15-21


This evening as I began to work on my talk I heard the front door open and someone walk up the staircase to our apartment. It was my wife. I heard her walk around upstairs and immediately my heart quickened. Just knowing she was above me walking around I felt a sense of contentment and a longing to be with her. I love just sitting with her in a room and watching her. I feel complete when we are together.

Then it occurred to me as I was working on this teaching and a Pualine phrase “In Christ”. He uses it 169 times in his writings. “I live no longer, not I; but Christ lives in me” (Gal 2:20). Look at the last verse from above “..and you are in me”. I’m chosen and dwell with Christ (in me). I am being used. I now have purpose in life. To be ‘in Christ’ and dwell in this partnership, or actually this marriage where the two have become one, is life and purpose. I have a part in the divine play being acted out all around me.

Let’s take time to sit back and dwell on that message for a moment. Right now, HE is IN you. God is dwelling in you. Get off the social media where screens can only convey information and not feelings (no matter how many emoji’s you put on your text) and then get out and be the difference in someone’s life. A hug, a smile, or a shoulder to lean on is what people need, not a text, tweet, or like. It’s a good thing God isn’t up in heaven just sending us texts! No, He desires to dwell IN us and bring us life, hope, and meaning.

He’s walking around the rooms of your heart right now – do you sense Him? Does your heart skip a beat? Do you feel at one with Him? Are you content and feel completed? Unplug, be still, and pray. He’s IN you.

Bob Schrimpf

The Gathering Youth Ministry • www.gatheringministry.com • bob@gatheringministry.com